Get Noticed™ Child Theme for WordPress

Get Noticed™ is a Premium WordPress Theme designed specifically for anyone wanting to build a personal brand – speakers, authors, consultants, brokers, pastors, or corporate executives. It was designed and developed by Michael Hyatt & Andrew Buckman and is the same theme that powers Michael’s blog of over 350,000 subscribers.

I absolutely love Get Noticed™! It’s easy to use, and has loads of features – and it’s perfect for anyone who wants to build a personal brand online. I highly recommend it!



I designed and developed LIFT, the child theme that powers my blog, on the backbone of this incredible premium theme.

My child theme builds on Get Noticed™ theme by providing:

  • An Alternative Layout & Design
  • Responsive Home Page “Hero Banner”
  • Dynamic Footer with “About Me” Photo & Spotlight Area
  • Enhanced Tablet and Mobile Device Responsiveness (looks great on all browsers and devices)
  • NEW Shortcodes to Easily Modify Text Size (Large, Small & Tiny Text)
  • NEW Shortcodes to Highlight Text Areas & Spotlight Important Items
  • NEW Shortcodes for Enhanced Buttons and More Button Color Choices
  • NEW Shortcodes for Beautiful “Big Buttons” that Call Readers to Action!
  • NEW Shortcodes for Boxes, Outlines, and Special Message or Content Areas
  • …and more!

Availability & Purchasing Info
We’re currently in the testing and documentation phase of releasing LIFT to the public and I can’t wait to share this child theme with you! Sign up below for updates and to be notified when LIFT is available for purchase.

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